About Steve

Steve Novick is a progressive champion with a long history of taking on tough challenges. He grew up in the small Oregon town of Cottage Grove and graduated from the University of Oregon and later, Harvard Law School. Steve spent nine years as an environmental law enforcement attorney at the U.S. Justice Department, recovering $129 million for taxpayers in the Love Canal toxic waste case, and securing judgments against violators of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Steve returned home to Oregon in 1996 and worked as Policy Director for Governor Ted Kulongoski’s successful 2002 campaign. He went on to serve as Communications Director for Citizens for Oregon’s Future, a nonprofit dedicated to providing reliable information to the public on tax and budget issues. He also served as legislative liaison for Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo.

As a policy analyst and spokesperson for numerous ballot measure campaigns, Steve worked against right-wing measures that threatened education, healthcare, public safety, and vital services for seniors. He also waged a lengthy campaign to push the Oregon Lottery to increase their investment in schools by reducing excessive payments to video lottery retailers.

This progressive work helped shape Steve’s path to public office and the people of  Portland elected him to City Council in 2012.

Steve brought his innovative problem solving skills to improving government services and finding better ways to meet the public’s needs. He implemented the program to convert City street lights to LED, cutting energy consumption and the City’s electric bills. This translates into millions of dollars in savings for the City, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions to protect our local environment and public health for Portlanders.

Socially responsible investments, expanding family and medical leave, protecting our environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preparing for the earthquake, and protecting civil liberties have been among the hallmarks of Steve Novick’s progressive leadership on the City Council.

Steve is a former longtime Sellwood-Moreland resident and now lives with his wife Rachel and their Corgis, Pumpkin and Checkers, in the Multnomah Village neighborhood. They enjoy watching Modern Family, listening to This American Life, and reading the Sunday New York Times together - and, of course, playing with their dogs. If you are in Multnomah Village, you might find them at Fat City, Annie Bloom’s Books, or Anne Bocci. Their Fitbit competition is well balanced; Rachel pulls ahead by running on the weekends, but Steve catches up by walking more during the week.

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